Alexandra Leti, Artist - My Gallery (16 works)

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Colour My Florals

Size: 30w x 25h cms

AUD $195

Lilies I Love

Size: 58w x 70h cms

AUD $460

Kinglake Trees In The Morning

Size: 58w x 70h cms

AUD $395

Modern Roses

Size: 50w x 60h cms

AUD $195

3 Pears

Size: 60w x 90h cms

AUD $250

Kinglake Tall Trees

Size: 60w x 1h cms

AUD $490

Blue Gum Eucalyptus

Size: 69w x 89h cms

AUD $720

African Protea

Size: 60w x 60h cms

AUD $395

Floral Fantasy

Size: 76w x 60h cms

AUD $300

Pink And Purple Hues

Size: 75w x 62h cms

AUD $280

Poppies Galore

Size: 85w x 66h cms

AUD $495

Ozone Fish

Size: 87w x 87h cms

AUD $595

Colours Of My Mind

Size: 54w x 54h cms

AUD $250