Barbara Duke, Artist - My Gallery (18 works)

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Size: 76w x 61h cms

AUD $600

Morning Colours

Size: 91w x 91h cms

AUD $700

At Echuca Wharf

Size: 70w x 56h cms

AUD $600

Seagull Rest

Size: 41w x 51h cms

AUD $400

Feeding Kois

Size: 76w x 51h cms

AUD $500

Spring Colours

Size: 61w x 51h cms

AUD $600

Retired Cowboy

Size: 77w x 97h cms

AUD $600

Grans Fruit Bowl

Size: 72w x 58h cms

AUD $600

Old Bedford

Size: 37w x 31h cms

AUD $150

Old Farm Shed

Size: 50w x 45h cms

AUD $250

Vallota In Full Bloom

Size: 48w x 58h cms

AUD $450

The Wattle Tree

Size: 46w x 35h cms

AUD $290

Coffee With Wildflowers

Size: 71w x 59h cms

AUD $650

The Black Jug

Size: 58w x 48h cms

AUD $720

Home Grown Peaches

Size: 76w x 62h cms

AUD $850

River Reflections

Size: 90w x 74h cms

AUD $990

Arkaba Shearing Shed

Size: 105w x 73h cms

AUD $1,200

Jackas Brewery

Size: 74w x 65h cms

AUD $820