Jane Dodge, Artist - My Gallery (9 works)

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Size: 49w x 61h cms

AUD $390

Ginger Life

Size: 61w x 49h cms

AUD $390

Hi Tea

Size: 61w x 49h cms

AUD $390

Love Of The Macaw

Size: 105w x 146h cms

AUD $1,510

A Day In The Pool

Size: 114w x 165h cms

AUD $1,250

Leave Your Hat On

Size: 114w x 90h cms

AUD $640

Black Lace

Size: 120w x 120h cms

AUD $1,100

Elements Of Life

Size: 210w x 114h cms

AUD $1,200

Travelling Japan

Size: 122w x 91h cms

AUD $925