Jenine Bell, Artist - My Gallery (22 works)

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Gum Nuts

Size: 45w x 60h cms

AUD $700

Amongst The Cape Weed

Size: 41w x 31h cms

AUD $250


Size: 102w x 76h cms

AUD $1,000

Celestial Beauty

Size: 61w x 91h cms

AUD $950

Mellow Yellow - Yellow Rosella

Size: 51w x 41h cms

AUD $340

Eyes In The Hollow - Barn Owl

Size: 41w x 51h cms

AUD $350

Perkins Reef - Maldon Gum Trees

Size: 61w x 91h cms

AUD $950

Golden Plains - Grampians Area

Size: 91w x 61h cms

AUD $800


Size: 76w x 61h cms

AUD $500

Young Warriors

Size: 51w x 61h cms

AUD $440


Size: 76w x 102h cms

AUD $800

Red Earth

Size: 122w x 91h cms

AUD $1,400

Winter Lights

Size: 50w x 88h cms

AUD $420

D 3....victorian Steam Train

Size: 60w x 91h cms

AUD $350

Urban Corella

Size: 88w x 72h cms

AUD $300

Tree Frog

Size: 30w x 40h cms

AUD $180

Plumed Whistling Duck

Size: 55w x 45h cms

AUD $99

Purple Swamp Hen

Size: 46w x 46h cms

AUD $250

The Study

Size: 46w x 61h cms

AUD $250

The Lookout

Size: 61w x 61h cms

AUD $250

Bird Of Paradise

Size: 77w x 77h cms

AUD $200

Hey Thats My Foot!

Size: 60w x 91h cms

AUD $250