Karen Puttock, Artist - My Gallery (13 works)

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Teardrops, Circles, Hearts

Size: 1w x 4h cms

AUD $100

Nautical Collection

Size: 3w x 4h cms

AUD $70


Size: 25w x 25h cms

AUD $190


Size: 120w x 90h cms

AUD $400

Take Flight

Size: 60w x 62h cms

AUD $300


Size: 120w x 90h cms

AUD $300


Size: 60w x 40h cms

AUD $400

The Barrel

Size: 122w x 92h cms

AUD $400

Dousing The Flames

Size: 50w x 100h cms

AUD $400

Nuture Nature

Size: 60w x 52h cms

AUD $285


Size: 40w x 60h cms

AUD $200

The Enchanted Forest

Size: 90w x 115h cms

AUD $350

The Lily

Size: 70w x 70h cms

AUD $150