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Night Light

Description : Moonlight buzzes through the house making sleeep elusive, if not plain impossible. She gives in, shrugging a jacket over her PJ's, boots with no socks and quietly sneaks out the front door. Instinctively drawn toward the beach, she hopes none of her neighbours have the same compulsion: PJ's in public isn't really her thing. She's breathless before she hits the sand - not from the short walk - but from what she sees in front of her. She sits, breathes and bathes in the night light, letting it soothe and renew as only it can.

Repurposed denim • Fabric remnants • Bamboo silver • Agate slice • Box framed in Victorian Ash

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 26.00 cm x Height - 34.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Fabric

Genre : Seascape

On Display At : Shown at Albert Park College Art Show 2019

Copyright : © Kate Karaula

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Kate Karaula is a mixed media artist based in Bayside Melbourne. Having grown up at the base of The Dandenong Ranges and then spending the last 13 years by Port Phillip Bay, her work is grounded in nature and the interplay of humanity with it. Kate finds herself constantly fascinated by the ever evolving play between the urban and natural environments – harmonious, violent, symbiotic, at odds, beautiful, ugly, breathy and cramped – sometimes all at once.

With an insatiable appetite for learning and fascination with human nature, Kate has explored multiple mediums, subjects and techniques over the years most of which play a cameo role at some point in her textile and fibre pieces. Her  formal study of Photography forms the foundation for the techniques and unique expressions that she has developed through experimentation and courses since she moved into her studio in 2017

Kate works predominantly in hand-crafted, thrifted and natural materials, from deconstructed clothing and found objects through to hand-spun yarns and botanically dyed fabric (both of which she does herself). This hands-on approach to the creation of the individual parts results in each piece lending their own story and energy to the work as a whole.

 Her current series, Shorelines,  is an exploration of the beautiful space where different elements meet each other and interact; where they meet and create a whole new form together. Liquid and fluid yet still bound by the tick tock clock, forms and laws of Mother Nature and the impact of human existence.