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Genius With A Pipe In Red, Ltd Ed

Description : Genius With A Pipe in Red Ltd Ed Print by Katherine Whelan Genius With A Pipe in Blue by Katherine Whelan - This artwork celebrates the colourful and extraordinary genius of Professor Albert Einstein. This artwork is part of a series titled: Icons We Just Can't Forget. For an icon to stand the test of time, their life should be one that changed the world/culture in some way, or at the very least impacted individuals on an emotional level. Einstein, a rebel who left school at 16, went on to became one of the world's most celebrated intellects; all because of his unwavering passion for physics and mathematics. Einstein often questioned the status quo, and just like artists his creativity pushed the boundaries of conventional ideas. Einstein's work even today is be admired and appreciated; much like the work of may artists that have moved us, and that 'we just can't forget'. Original, Limited Edition One of 22 by KW 12-ink on 100% Cotton Rag, 1cm white border Printed on demand (allow 7 days)

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 90.00 cm x Height - 90.00 cm )

Medium on Base : None Entered

Genre : Contemporary


Copyright : © Katherine Whelan

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Outside Australia: $20.00
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Katherine Whelan is a strong believer in following your passions, nurturing a healthy ego, as well as bridging the gap between limited edition original artwork and affordable artwork. Her latest venture (Est. 1998) fulfils a long time dream of creating art and starting an art business - Make it POP – Art. As a teenager Katherine excelled in art subjects, however, due to personal and financial obstacles, was unable to pursue art as a career. Although Katherine went on to achieve academic and professional excellence in roles focusing on human psychology, in her private time she continued to produce art (sculpture, drawing, digital illustration) and develop her artistic skills. A product of the combination of Katherine’s expertise in psychology and love of pop art; Katherine’s art is influenced by her passion to express how we ‘feel’ as a people, rather than what we ‘do’.  Katherine believes that how we react ‘emotionally’ to the world around us, compared to how we ‘act’, represents more honestly our mindset & the future of our society. Through imagery & the title of her artworks, Katherine illustrates her take on important and popular human attitudes. Each artwork is created by hand (digital illustration): separation of image layers; application of colour & textures; and her artistic choices deliberately break away from some traditional Pop art rules & techniques. In summary, Katherine’s creations are driven by her personal interpretation of the ‘the mood of the people’. She only produces limited edition artwork, One of 22 by KW or One of 2 by KW; because she believes that meaningful art, like the expression of one’s true feelings, is often rare.