Laureen Knight, Artist - My Gallery (22 works)

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Across The River

Size: 95w x 48h cms

AUD $550

Autumn Fog In The Valley

Size: 55w x 46h cms

AUD $460

Australian Gold

Size: 55w x 72h cms

AUD $450

Woori Yallock Creek

Size: 72w x 55h cms

AUD $450

Adventure On The Seas

Size: 55w x 72h cms

AUD $580

Delicate Touch

Size: 47w x 55h cms

AUD $460

Vineyard Vista

Size: 125w x 44h cms

AUD $780

Inviting Vines

Size: 79w x 55h cms

AUD $700

Lightly Lapping

Size: 50w x 82h cms

AUD $600

Morning Glory

Size: 59w x 50h cms

AUD $460

Peace Before The Storm

Size: 91w x 45h cms

AUD $485

Sensational Surf

Size: 57w x 74h cms

AUD $460

Peninsula Box Life

Size: 60w x 49h cms

AUD $550

Point Lookout Delight

Size: 108w x 88h cms

AUD $825

Rivers Return

Size: 61w x 45h cms

AUD $375


Size: 31w x 61h cms

AUD $270

Cape Woolamai Sunset

Size: 122w x 60h cms

AUD $710


Size: 91w x 76h cms

AUD $620

Aussie Fishing Boat Nsw

Size: 83w x 68h cms

AUD $685


Size: 38w x 76h cms

AUD $350

Dry River Bed

Size: 91w x 30h cms

AUD $385

Wet And Wild

Size: 92w x 61h cms

AUD $720