Margaret Cafarella, Artist - My Gallery (11 works)

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The Playground

Size: 46w x 92h cms

AUD $1,800

Misty Calm

Size: 120w x 90h cms

AUD $2,600

Sound Waves

Size: 92w x 46h cms

AUD $1,700

Rhythm Of Time

Size: 46w x 92h cms

AUD $1,600


Size: 92w x 45h cms

AUD $1,350


Size: 104w x 78h cms

AUD $1,350

Pastel Interior

Size: 97w x 74h cms

AUD $1,300

Deep Waters

Size: 150w x 100h cms

AUD $3,000

Golden Light

Size: 101w x 84h cms

AUD $1,400


Size: 153w x 50h cms

AUD $2,500

Ocean Splendor

Size: 150w x 110h cms

AUD $3,000