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Kuniya Walk I

Description : None

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 29.50 cm x Height - 21.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Ink on Paper

Genre : Contemporary

Copyright : © Dr Megan-jane Johnstone

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Dr Megan-Jane Johnstone AO is an emerging contemporary artist who resides in Melbourne. Self-taught, she works in mixed media using water-based paints, acrylic inks, and graphite pencil. Since first commencing her art practice in 2017, Megan has undertaken several on-line courses and face-to-face workshops with professional artists enabling her to explore and experiment with different mediums, genres and subject matter.

Megan’s paintings primarily encompass contemporary and abstract expressions of characteristic landscapes and unique geological features found in New Zealand and outback regions of Australia. All works are on paper and have been produced using a dynamic combination of different methods and experimental renditions of the scenes portrayed. Her painterly interpretations of the colours and contours of landscapes and the unique geological formations within them aim to give viewers a multidimensional experience of the infinite possibilities in which panoramas can be viewed, interpreted and enjoyed.

The primary inspiration for Megan’s work comes from the natural environment and the geological and botanical histories associated with it. She has been particularly captivated and inspired by the ‘fullness of emptiness’ of the vast Australian outback with its ancient geological formations and thriving desert florae. Upon completing the Australian outback series which she is currently working on, Megan hopes to embark on a new project capturing the distinctive landscapes and iconic archaeological sites of Greece she visited in 2018. She also plans to undertake a series of experimental works exploring and applying the distinctive features of Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean art.