Robin Hicks, Artist - My Gallery (14 works)

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Hart’s Mill

Size: 26w x 37h cms

AUD $250

Morning Harvest

Size: 95w x 80h cms

AUD $750

The Scent Of Spring

Size: 56w x 38h cms

AUD $600

Sunset Sail

Size: 51w x 37h cms

AUD $350

Changing Hues

Size: 71w x 53h cms

AUD $380

Calm Waters

Size: 40w x 30h cms

AUD $340

River View

Size: 48w x 41h cms

AUD $400

Solitude Of The Ages

Size: 79w x 66h cms

AUD $550

Sunrise At Glen Helen

Size: 51w x 41h cms

AUD $420

Ellery Creek Reflections

Size: 34w x 30h cms

AUD $400

Twighlight Storm Near Simpsons Gap

Size: 59w x 76h cms

AUD $400

Farm Beauty

Size: 35w x 27h cms

AUD $420

The Winning Stroke

Size: 61w x 76h cms

AUD $350

Gawler Ranges Scrub

Size: 86w x 71h cms

AUD $390