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The Worlds Oldest Clipper Ship

Description :
The "City of Adelaide" is the WORLDS OLDEST CLIPPER SHIP. The original digital painting was donated to the ship.

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DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 27.90 cm x Height - 42.00 cm )

Medium on Base : None Entered

Genre : Seascape


Copyright : © Sue Smith

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Sue Smith is a 67 years old Australian citizen of German descent. She was taught photography by her father who gifted her one of his cameras to her  4th birthday. He was her inspiration not only in photography but paintings too.

After 16 month in a wheelchair she was able to start a lengthy rehabilitation when she got friend to an established watercolour artist who got her teacher and mentor. Sue’s first painting was purchased by a business owner visiting an other patient. Other works she learned there were watercolour on rice paper, she also started graphical crayon works which was seen by her mentors friend who sold them in her art gallery in Paris.

Sue’s colourful works show the world around us, from animal portraits to aerial photographs, from land to water, from environmental and social issues to painted emotions and Fun-Projects. 

She sustained in 2008 an accident which left her with multiple mobility restricting disabilities. During her time as owner of an Art Gallery she encouraged people of all ages to express their emotions on paper/canvas. Retired from her gallery she has the time for the photography, paintings, mentoring, and supports from time to time a good cause in donating one of her works.

Sue is also writing story books for children where she mainly is using her own photos and arts. Her current project as a writer is a historical-fictional book of a time traveller arriving 1836 at ‘Port Misery’ and the challenges compared to the world he knows, coming back home after decades all he finds is a ghost town, and besides five old men in tattered clothing there is no life, no birds, no Port River dolphins anymore...

Sue's 150+ works exhibition “Our Colourful Land” was her first solo exhibition since retirement was mainly presented in handcrafted Barn-Frames and such a great success that she has been booked being the September artist for the local government owned new exhibition space at the Visitor Information Centre Port Adelaide.

Sue gained international and national awards for her photography, brush and digital created art include fluid art and is always keen to learn and trying new things in the photography and arts. 


Sue supervised the 2016 Rotary Port Adelaide Art Show installation whith more than 550 works in different shapes and sizes. 

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