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Sandy Beach

Description : None

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 82.00 cm x Height - 40.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Wood

Genre : Seascape

Copyright : © Ann Cussans

Un-Framed: $300.00
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After a long time in a coma, I now look at life and what I see with more attention and like to paint what is beautiful to me.

Although I Had private art lessons years ago, I now have a preference for Landscapes or nature at its best. I Like to portray some of the scenery I have seen around me over the years. Some of the places we see, may not be the same in the future.

As our commercial surroundings evolve, a lot of what was so pristine is gone - In my own way I would like to preserve it in my oil paintings on timber, so they will not age. Perhaps our children will have the opportunity to enjoy scenes of nature that were evident well before they were born. 

It is quite apparent that everyone has different decor in their home - for this reason the choice of frames should be that of the purchaser.  I have paintings done on timber that have been hanging since the 70's that are not lacquered on framed with glass - these have been easy regards upkeep to use a dry brush to remove any dust.  They still look the same as the day they were painted.  I find that minus glass  there is not any distortion from any lights, spotlights etc.  Regardless of my perception, everyone has their own ideas.

But if you require them to be lacquered or framed in glass, please advise.

Friends and family have submitted various pics of their travels to give me a base for a lot of my paintings and I thank them for their ideas, suggestions and criticism, as being in a wheelchair sometimes restricts my access or does not allow me to get into some areas that I would love to capture with my oil paints.

Actual paintings are available to view on request.

As I dont have the funds to continually pay to have my artwork viewed at art shows, please feel free to request information, or specific paintings to be on view at my studio/gallery in South Australia by contacting me via email:

Thank you.