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Just Relaxing

Description : None

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 60.00 cm x Height - 76.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Still Life

Copyright : © Barbara Hatten

Un-Framed: $450.00
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Within Australia: $25.00
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Having painted for 4 years I just love it my brother was a great artist now passed on so now I am painting for him .

I love to do abstract work -- landscapes -- so I can  be different thats so important when painting recreating something that just  has excited me  .

Ihis  will be first Art Show and excited to see how the reaction .

I work with acryilic paint  find it so important to blend and easier to create what I see ,especialy sea scapes you really have to make the painting talk and make it as if you are there looking at it in real life .To create my painting I do try to create a different look the more challenging the better really looking into the suject that I am painting so it really comes alive .

Barbara Hatten