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The Other Side

Description : None

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 76.00 cm x Height - 61.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Abstract

Copyright : © Gordana Suric

Un-Framed: $600.00
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Within Australia: $50.00
Outside Australia: $500.00
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                                                Gordana Suric - GOGA  Short CV 


I grew up in Croatia until I moved to Australia. I redceived initial training in the drawing, landscapes and portrets in Croatia.


Since taking up the residence in Australia my passion for painting continued, and more over the time abstract has entered my life. I adore the freedom this style gives me.


In my art works I like to explore movement, texture and colours. I also like to experiment with diferent techniques and mediums. When unexpected images and texture emerge, they capture my interest. It is discovery of unknown and inner freedom without any expetation. It is emptiness of any thoughts.


The most of my works fall under the abstract expressionism style. The titles of my works are the closest description of my inner feelings during the process of making them, and there is intuitive meaning in each work.


My influences: Vincent Van Gogh, Gerhard Richter, Eelco Maan, and Jackson Pollock.


I exibit at major art shows across Melbourne