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Le Moulin De La Galette, Montmartre

Description : The well-known and historic windmill on the Rue Girardon in Montmartre provides an arresting sight, one of only two remaining windmills out of around thirty that were once sited in Montmartre. It was known as Moulin Radet, but is now commonly referenced with the restaurant below. What captured my interest here was the transition of light between the filtered sun above and the shadows below, the drama of the windmill seen standing so high from my low viewpoint, and the human element below with the restaurant waiting to open. As soon as I saw this scene, I had that wonderful breathtaking “yes” reaction which says “paint this!”.

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 45.00 cm x Height - 61.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Wood

Genre : Streetscape

Copyright : © Graham (max) Walker

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I have been painting in oils and pastels for about thirty years, based in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Of recent times, after visits to France, the streets, buildings and people of France have provided inspiring material for me, but I find beauty and interest in many other places. In particular, I have found wonderful subjects in South Australia, country Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Landscapes and streetscapes tend to be my principal subject matter.  My way of working is as a tonalist and colourist - I believe that fidelity of the tonal relationships is the central building block to establishing a meaningful work, and then colour can be used to give a painting excitement and vitality. However, as Marcel Proust stated: " for the writer, no less than colour for the painter, is a question not of technique but of vision". 

Thus my approach strives to combine tonal faithfulness and colour vibrancy in pursuit of a vision: to interpret distinctive, memorable moments in the landscape and urban surrounds which excite emotions and stimulate memories in the viewer - forming a responsive connection.

More specifically, I really enjoy portraying those special moments that seize our attention and stimulate the senses, yet experiences that can be fleeting such as an evocative street scene, a grouping of people in an interesting urban environment, or a striking combination of shapes and colours in a city view. To this end, quite a few of my paintings are perceptual and sensory in nature. The words of John Berger resonnate with me: "Art is an organised response to what nature allows us to glimpse occasionally". The point is to execute the organised response using emotions and sensations as much as intellect, to capture the exciting glimpse.

I have been influenced to varying degrees by the Australian tonalists (such as Meldrum), the Scottish colourists and the Barbizon school. The works of Rupert Bunny and Charles Conder have great appeal for me. I also admire painters who just did their own thing, without reference to dogma - Maurice Utrillo comes to mind. For sheer flair and execution, I find Joaquin Sorolla's work amazing. In terms of workshops and advice, I have received guidance from tutors such as Peter Smales, Ross Patterson, Yvonne Audette; John Wilson (Sydney); and Regina Hona. However, my painting style, my artistic "signature", and what I want to express to the viewer, are entirely my own and I am pleased to say that I am still on that exciting journey of challenge and discovery.

I sign my pictures as Max Walker, using the long-standing nick name of Max. Sobriquets are endearing as they form a special link between the person and the group of contacts or friends who use them.