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Close To Mum

Size: 62w x 43h cms

AUD $900

Wind In The Hills

Size: 42w x 33h cms

AUD $350

Post Op

Size: 36w x 47h cms

AUD $500

Winter Kinglake

Size: 40w x 30h cms

AUD $350

Lake Eppalock

Size: 56w x 38h cms

AUD $390


Size: 72w x 82h cms

AUD $600

Track Out Back

Size: 34w x 43h cms

AUD $390

Gentle Slopes Near Kilmore

Size: 48w x 32h cms

AUD $340

Flannel Flowers

Size: 47w x 65h cms

AUD $680

Petals And Pearls

Size: 45w x 59h cms

AUD $500

Hillside Blossom

Size: 43w x 57h cms

AUD $560

Red Waratah

Size: 39w x 53h cms

AUD $550

Fusion Ii

Size: 46w x 49h cms

AUD $480

A Coat Of Many Colours

Size: 40w x 30h cms

AUD $340


Size: 33w x 47h cms

AUD $330

Poppy Prelude

Size: 60w x 90h cms

AUD $890

Daisy Dance

Size: 30w x 40h cms

AUD $240


Size: 61w x 76h cms

AUD $690


Size: 61w x 76h cms

AUD $500

Fuchsia Flutter

Size: 50w x 65h cms

AUD $480

Lost Boundaries

Size: 48w x 48h cms

AUD $500

Heads Above The Rest

Size: 33w x 50h cms

AUD $450

Fragrant Interlude

Size: 63w x 53h cms

AUD $580

Country Calm

Size: 51w x 45h cms

AUD $350

Command Performance

Size: 57w x 76h cms

AUD $550

Morning Along Butlers Road, Kilmore

Size: 66w x 59h cms

AUD $450

Harvey Park, Wa

Size: 47w x 33h cms

AUD $500

Shade Along Kilmore Creek

Size: 68w x 53h cms

AUD $350

Protea (unframed With Matboards)

Size: 71w x 55h cms

AUD $540


Size: 46w x 61h cms

AUD $650