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Rock Hopping Down At The Creek

Description : As with many of my paintings, the inspiration for this piece stems from a childhood spent in the bush. We had many a happy time clambering along the creek bed, over big rocks, through crevices and out to a beautiful waterhole. We drank the clear flowing creek water and breathed the bush air. The best memories of a majestic place.

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 51.00 cm x Height - 25.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre : Abstract


Copyright : © Jacinta Payne

Un-Framed: $340.00
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I am a Melbourne based artist who aims to tread as lightly as I possibly can on our beautiful planet.  I am endlessly inspired by nature and I hope my art can bring joy while raising an awareness of the need to protect the earth as best we can.  

While my roots are in traditional art, it is in the process of abstraction that I feel most connected with my purpose. I like to experiment with different techniques and utensils to apply paint, and usually end up using my hands, which further connects me with the painting.

My art practice began during a childhood spent in the bush, growing up on the edge of Morton National Park in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Collecting rocks, bark and leaves, spending countless hours immersed in nature. Absorbing knowledge from the collective creativity of my family, observing my Dad painting landscapes, seascapes, & still-life and my brother painting Australian birds & wildlife, inspired in me an inevitable passion for making art.