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Description : None

DIMENSIONS : ( Width - 49.00 cm x Height - 61.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Animals

Copyright : © Jane Dodge

Framed: $390.00
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An intense passion for the human form has driven my artistic practice. From early childhood, sculpting bodies in the sand, interpreting the human form through charcoal and pencil life drawing to the study of Fashion Design at RMIT. My love for the human body in its raw form has underpinned my creative pursuit.
Creating clothing to adorn the human body has provided a greater depth and understanding of the various lines, curves and depth that makes each and every body unique. Connecting with this uniqueness underpins my approach.
The ultimate aim of all my art is to evoke emotion in the viewer or customer.
I strive to make a realistic representation. Not photographic. My work maintains rawness, derived from the materials and technique applied. Primarily pencil, charcoal and oil stick are my mediums of choice.
At times I have introduced the use of fabrics, combining my two passions. Incorporating patterned fine silks or layering hand made laces into my work.
My nude works are life size or larger. This enables me to really work the figure. Sculpting on a 2d surface. Allowing exploration of my subject and a strong connection with the piece.

Of  recent times more canvas works in both oil and acrylics have been dominating my material use. Flowers and birds are to making their ways onto my canvases perching on the shoulders of or surrounding my portraits.